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Old farm house

farm house

Went for a drive yesterday looking for some houses, we only found one in the Colchester County area.

Upon approaching we noticed it wasn’t safe to go inside, there were multiple holes in the flooring and the second story looked like it would soon join the main floor. Fortunately all the windows were missing, along with the front and back door which allowed us to get a good look around inside the main floor without having to go inside. I love these types of houses (although I prefer when they’re safer to go in), the extent of the decay exposes the innards of the house and I love seeing the old wood lath walls. I have no information about this house, but it looks like it used to be a farm house. There was a smaller cement foundation about 50 feet to the north east of the house, a smaller shed that was falling into a small pond and across the road, the remnants of a barn that had long fallen in on itself. I’m assuming it was maybe abandoned in the early 1980s? The only clues were the 70s style carpet left on the staircase and the Christmas lights seemed as if they were late 70s/early 80s.